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Well this is it. I want to keep this short and sweet, yet be very thankful at the same time.
Thank you so much everybody, I never imagined that almost a year and a half ago that anything I’d do like this would scrape a couple hundred followers, let alone 5,000.
To show my appreciation, everyone who reblogs this post will be entered once into a draw. On the 6th of September, 10 people will be randomly chosen and will get a reasonable request drawing of their fancy.
I will announce the winners on deviantArt as well as on Tumblr.
Thank you so much everyone again! <3

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&#8230; huh.  I&#8217;ve been busy.


… huh.  I’ve been busy.

So, to dust off my Tumblr, it’s gotten warm enough here in NY to finally get to some unfucking! Starting with three weeks of laundry.  No, I’m not kidding.  Between me and roomie and getting some new duds to replace the older stuff, it was quite the pile of hell.  The second pic is after the first 20/10 I pulled off, and the second is after the second one.  Did I mention I did this after midnight? Yeap.  Lots of fun.  But it’s nice to have everything folded and put the fuck away, at long last.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to admiring the fact that the loveseat where I tended to dump the laundry has been clear.  And it is GLORIOUS!

EDIT:  Thanks to my sis, for reminding me how Tumblr worked.  I suuuuuuck!


Day 1133  - 14 January  2014

I was talking to someone recently about how google keeps track of your searches and


I… having had relatives that have survived and haven’t survived cancer, this hurts.  It hits very close to home indeed.  But for all my tumblr is dusty and unused, I hope someone else will see this too.  Everyone needs to.



Hey guys, so my birthday is coming up, and I just hit 370 followers (oh my gosh) so lets do this in reverse cause I’m a bit backwards like that >.<

I am giving away three custom OC plushie commissions made by pencilswirl ”image”


As well as the plushies, I…

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Aw, friggernaffy…

It’s been FOUR MONTHS since my last post?! Augh! Sorry about that… I’ll be getting back to it soon!

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This isn’t too bad, actually… I’ll have some updates of consequence later this weekend. Go go car unfucking!


I think I over did with the shading… oh well.NobleCause Request download n stuff

Hey, looks good, DBK!


I think I over did with the shading… oh well.
NobleCause Request download n stuff

Hey, looks good, DBK!


this is what happens when I try to draw with an art block.

Luna looking swag, with her wings tucked? I can roll with this.  All hail!


this is what happens when I try to draw with an art block.

Luna looking swag, with her wings tucked? I can roll with this.  All hail!


Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a good day and can spare five minutes to help me out. I have recently decided that I would love to travel to the USA, to LA specifically and study Traditional Sign Writing at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. I am an Australian citizen, living in Melbourne, and…

Reblogging for a good cause!

I guess this is what they mean by ‘Spring Cleaning’

So, for the few that follow me, I’ve been busy since I got laid off a week and a half ago.

The biggest change? I’ve been cleaning.  Daily.  Vacuuming the carpets, picking up around the house, mopping the kitchen… I’ve had a dish-free sink here for a week running, now! I’m running dishes every two to three days, rather than once a week or longer.  The laundry’s getting folded, the towels are getting put away, I’ve been sweeping out the cobwebs, raking out the dead leaves and branches on the lawn in this sunny 60’s-ish weather…

… what the FUCK is wrong with me?!


Dear Bronies, Friends, Fellow Humans,

I write this not as part of an organization, or a group, but as a fan of colorful ponies. Like you, I was drawn to My Little Pony for good reasons, and knew that my life would become better if I interacted with people who shared a similar interest. I…

… what more can I say?

Unfuckening revised

Well… photos aren’t going to happen.  Roomie’s not comfortable with showing our house to total strangers… but I’ll see if I can at least do text updates…

The grand Unfuckening experiment, part… zero?

So, there’s this blog out there called ‘Unfuck Your Habitat’, designed to get you off your ass and cleaning your house by being… well, to be frank, mildly abusive.

In short, they verbally will kick your flank up the stairs, into the attic, out the window onto the lawn, back into the house, and down into the basement before letting up, if that’s what it takes to clean up.

What’s this got to do with lil’ ol’ Noble Cause, you might ask? Well, to get into some RL details, I live in a house with a roommate who’s a bit of a mad scientist.  The man makes lasers for FUN and got me into flying RC helicopters.  So there’s that.  As a result of this, we have accumulated a LOT of shit over the five years we’ve lived here.  Old computer cases (with parts), helicopters, planes, laser bits, the CNC machine my roomie built… you name it, it’s around here SOMEWHERE.

Here’s the problem.  This house is on the order of 120 years old.  It’s New York, so that means wet, and snow, as well as high winds and blazing sun.  This place hasn’t really been taken care of before we moved in.  Paint from the 40’s, electrical wiring from the 30’s (in the attic, two inches above the insulation.  And did I mention they were live wires?).  There’s a slant to the entire foundation that we need to jack up the house for in the dug out pit of blue stone that we call our basement.  It’s a LOT of work.

To get to the point, I’m going to walk around with the camera this weekend and take photos.  My plan? unfucking the kitchen, the rest of the living room, the laundry room (and the laundry, by proxy), and the master bedroom.  While I’m at it, I’m going to be cataloging the extent of the work that needs doing to the house, since Great Stuff only goes so far, and see if anybody’s got any tips.  The mold on the grout around the bathtub, for starters.  Tilex doesn’t even TOUCH that shit…

Celestia and Luna help me, what have I gotten myself into?

go-vrrr, my dear, beloved sister, this is all YOUR DAMN FAULT! *shakes angry hoof*